OJOA Fall Run Report

Sunday October 5th,2008

Perfect fall weather highlighted this yearís rally. A mixture of sun, cool weather, a few clouds and a good splash of fall colours thrown into the mix meant excellent driving conditions. For the convertibles, it was top down weather.

OJOA members will notice a change in the name of the event. In past years it was called a regularity run, but this name has fallen out of favour and brought too many comments about high fibre diets and regularity. I think you get my drift. For those of you that could not make it this year, the nature of the event has not changed. It is still intended as a family event where you can bring your family and friends and enjoy one last good run in your Jaguars prior to putting them to bed for the winter.

Numbers were down this year, with 14 cars competing and 35 people attending the event. As always, there was a good selection of cars from Mk Iís, E-types, a 420 sedan, a XJS, XJ-12ís to XJ-8ís. This year the route went northeast of Acton, through Erin, Alton and Orangeville. Some new roads were found outside of Erin and the northern extension of Main Street in Alton and across Highpoint Road to Peel 136 provided some addition twists and turns and ups and downs to the route. When we were setting up the rally, we twice saw wild turkeys on Highpoint Road - a group of five and another group of three. Unfortunately on the day of the rally, I donít believe anyone spotted wild turkeys.

Over the years, participants have gotten better and better at gauging their average speed and several cars usually end up with zero or one or two time faults. As a result the questions along the route have gotten harder to try and spread out the results. This year all that changed. Steve Sherriff and his crew had the lowest time faults with an unrespectable nine, while Mike Gore and his crew had the lowest number of question faults with seven. Most of the questions are in the order that they will be encountered along the route, but there are always some that apply to the entire route, such as the number of traffic lights or railway tracks. Some questions are close together and sometimes they are far apart. We are always amazed at how well people do.

This year a new wrinkle was added to learn if something new would be well received. Contestants were given an odometer check reading at about 10 km and then they were asked to calculate the time it should have taken them to reach an identified turn and also the correct mileage to another identified turn. People did better on the time question than on the distance question. Overall peopleís reactions to these types of questions were mixed to negative. They were put in to gauge peopleís reaction and in this regard they were a success.

First place and the infamous Rampant Crank trophy was taken by Steve Sherriff, Bob Stewart and crew in Steveís XJ-8 with a total of 17 faults. Second place was taken by Michael Gore and John Ritchie and crew in Mikeís S-type also with 17 faults. Ties are broken based on fewer time faults. In third place were Carol and Allan Lingelbach in their German Jaguar (BMW). In addition to the Rampant Crank, the first place team got a bottle of wine and two glasses etched with a Jaguar symbol. The second place team received a bottle of wine and an etched bowl while the third place team just got a bottle of wine to drown their sorrows.

OJOA also presented Linda and I with an etched vase for our work in organizing the rally.

Our sincere thanks go to John Taglione for helping on the day of the rally and for getting and etching the glassware and to Fred Hill for making the presentations. Our thanks also goes to The Mill Street Crossing Restaurant and Pub for allowing us to run our event out of their facility.

Many of you know that Linda and I have been organizing the rally for many years - I believe this was our sixteenth year. The downside of doing it for so long is that we are limited geographically where we can run the rally. Probably the most important thing is to know the local road system and the interconnectedness of the paved roads and roads with some unique features and views. I would encourage other members to come forward to organize the rally and thus permit it to be held in other areas. We have learned a few tricks over the years that make it easier to organize the rally and we would certainly be prepared to work with new organizers. Please give it some thought. A new perspective and a new general location would be Ďa good thingí. MY GOD!!!!! - Iím starting to sound like Martha Stewart.

Safe motoring until next year.

Murray and Linda Smith Rallymasters

December 13, 2008 by Webmaster