2008 Annual Awards and Just Desserts Evening

Wednesday November 12,2008

Report by Alan Brad

The following is the script used by OJOA President Fred Hill during the awards presentation:

As you know the awards to be given out to night fall into different categories. Some are given for club participation and others reflect scores in competition events and others for just bad luck.

The first award this evening is the Prince Of Darkness this is given to a member who's Jaguar had some kind of electrical or mechanical failure during one of our outings in 2008.


This award is taken from our blue/brown book which everyone signs at meetings and club events. This member has shown to have participated in a large number of meetings and events and was also on concours committee . This award will be presented by Fred Hill to Arron Pearas.


Presented to person or persons who have a member for more than one year and is most active attending monthly meetings and events for the calender year. This award was a close one this year. But will be awarded again this year to Linda and Murray Smith. Award presented by Steve Sherriff.


This award is given to the member who's jaguar shows the most improvement in its score from 2007 to 2008.The winner this year is a very special car owned by a long time concoures contender ,The winner this year is a 1956 D-Type Replica owned by Hugh Dow.His score improved by .397.


This award is given to a member who takes part in slalom and racing events.Over the past 3 years of holding our slalom event it has progressed from a tire screaming/ smoking out of control event to a very fast but controlled running of the coarse event.Practice makes perfect.The award this year will be presented by last year's winner Ross Hamilton to that fast driving Don Kuchan.


This is one of our newest trophies and has been given out for the last 3 years. It takes into consideration the same jaguar concours score/salom score and results of our regularity run. This person won this award last year by default but has come back to win all on his own . The winner this year of this beautiful cup donated to us by Jaguar of Thornhill is our vice president Steve Sherriff.


This is a very special trophy as it honours Cye Carrick and Sandra Barrett both members ojoa and very good friends to each other. Both fought a heroic battle with cancer.This award was present to the club so that we could present it yearly to that member who has exhibited the highest degree of dedication, enthusiasm, spirit and commitment to the Ontario Jaguar Owners Association.

The winner this year is my opinion is a outstanding member who does not hesitate to give freely of his time and resources to the club.He is a concours judge , on the slalom committee a very serious contender in both. And very eager to help out in any way he can. I am very pleased to have Bob Barrett present this award to Rob Hutchison.


This award is given to a member or members who have given freely of their time in every way to ojoa. the winners this year are everywhere when it comes to meetings or club.events I think of them as ask and you will receive. They are active on the scene and not behind the scene and will give freely of their thoughts and advice if asked.They are big promoters of the club and contribute to all and every event. I would like to present this award to none other than Linda and Murray Smith.


Named to honours the nine founding members of the club. This award in the past had been awarded to a member who has competed in our concours but also others in Ontario and the U.S. By doing this it also promotes our own club. The winner this year has 2 E types and has both here and in the us. This award goes to GIL Melo.

Just to mention the rampant crank award which is awarded to the person with the best score was won this year by Stephen Sherriff and his crew. A new award given out this year for our slalom event for the most enthusiatic driver and donated by Cats cradle was presented at the event to Don Kochan.

Congratulations to all the winners for all your efforts over the year and on behalf of club and its directors


OJOA Awards Night 2008

Photos by Alan Brand

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