OJOA 2008 Spring Blossom Run

Saturday, May 18th,2008

By Ross Hamilton

The Ontario Jaguar Owners’ Association Spring Blossom Run was held this year through the spectacular settings of the Caledon Hills. A group of forty-five met at the Brampton Flying Club’s café for coffee, muffins and a briefing by our Vice President and Run organizer, Steve Sherriff. We headed out in two groups at a leisurely pace as the western sky darkened. It looked like the beginning of a storm of Biblical proportions. I’m sure it would have been if the storm had continued into Monday and then for forty more days.

Steve led one pack in his 1937 Rolls Royce knowing that a splash in the puddles was an opportunity to have the underside of this magnificent craft washed. He was a true example to others that you can take a Concours work of art on rain soaked streets knowing it can be returned to its pristine shine. The route was designed for the groups to approach each other from opposite directions on the twisty roads that entered the village of Terra Cotta. From the spectacular parade of Jaguars actually running in the rain we headed toward an interesting sight of abandoned chimneys from the Cheltenham Brickworks of 1930.

We then drove through the quaint villages of Belfountain and Cataract observing a red “olde English” phone booth. Wow … I guess you would have be from over there to appreciate it. At that point all were given the opportunity to switch passengers one with another. From the Cataract Inn we meandered our way to the legendary Forks of the Credit Road that hugged the Credit River, passed under an ancient rusted bridge and negotiated the tightest uphill hairpin and switchback in all of North America.

The route continued to the incredible geological “Badlands of Caledon.” Located just south of Caledon Village these are one of the best examples of badland topography. Land clearing left the soft Queenston Shale (essentially red clay) exposed to rain … ha … rain … that eroded the land to rounded hills and deep gullies. Iron oxide present in the shale accounted for the red colouring and circulating groundwater changed some of the red iron oxide to bands of green iron oxide.

We continued through the historic Village of Cheltenham, established in 1825 and then returned to Terra Cotta.

Arriving at the Terra Cotta Inn we viewed the picturesque rain soaked grounds from inside our own banquet room. We sipped favourite beverages while waiting for our succulent salmon and glazed chicken luncheon.

The added rain Sunday made this Blossom Run even more memorable. Yes, there were blossoms and yes, there was opportunity to share the day and visit with Ontario Jaguar enthusiasts.

I’m sure all would thank Steve for organizing an excellent day and thank you to all who joined Steve. It was your participation that made it a special OJOA event.

Photo Credits: Courtesy Dr. Murray Smith and John Myers.

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