50th Anniversary Celebration and Banquet

Sunday August 30th, 2009

Text of Welcoming Speech by OJOA President John Taglione

Welcome to the 50th anniversary celebration of the Ontario Jaguar Owner’s Association. For those may not know me, I am John Taglione, the current president.

I would like to take the opportunity at this time to thank the sponsors of our event.

I, also, would want to thank the organizing committee, the executive and all the volunteers who have made today possible. I would like to thank Bill Chambers and Quarto Music.

We have today, among our guests,

It is a difficult task to summarize the Jag Club in a few words. I started looking for a good definition of a club. The best one I found was that a club is an association of individuals with a common interest. Interestingly enough, the word club comes from the old English word for bond.

At its heart, it is our members who have always been the club. It is they, who have helped shaped the club to what it is today, an active and vibrant group. In many ways, it is the member's friendships which have kept the club together, and oh yes, we do have a common interest - JAGUARS.

The club has always held a special place for our members.Past members such as John Julian, whose cars were Ratty and Mole, and Brad Richardson, who’s SS100 graced many of our events, have recently donated their JCNA trophies back to the club. Last Night, we received a call from Jeff Crambe from Victoria, BC wishing us well.

The club has had its share of characters over the years that have made the club an interesting place to be such as thelate Cy Carrick and Gobi Gobalian and many others. When there was a need in the club, the members, new and old, have always stepped up to meet the challenge. This is true when I go looking for Concours judges, much to the dismay of the Concours chair, we have always managed to find enough.

It is always reassuring that you have a place to go to were you can get advice, help, and empathy when your Jaguar presents you with one of it's many unique opportunities. This is something the club members can always been counted on when you were under that "famous" bare bulb in your garage.

Or when embarking on a major restoration, you can always find someone who has gone through the process, who will either try to talk you out of it and failing that, provide sage advice and help so you can avoid their pitfalls. I am pleased to have had to chance today of renewing my friendships with past members and begin new ones. After dinner, we will hear from some of our past presidents and long time members on the history of the Club. We will hear about members who are no longer with us such a Doug Crambe, who we lost last year, and Alan Bunting who contributed much to the formative years of the club. Hopefully we will have a few words from Gary Moyer on Jaguar and from Bryan Williams on JCNA.

On each table, you will find three bottles of wine with compliments of the Club.

I would now like to call upon David Bousfield to say a few words of Thanks before we begin our meal.

Thank You.

Photos from the Event

Photos © Jonathon Woodman

Bob Barrett

Terry Randell & Kathleen Paines

John & Joyce Ogden

Ron & Trish Walker

Peter & Angela Pontsa

Gil & Maria Melo

Peter Draycott & Kay Finch

Peter Draycott & Steve Sherriff

Steve Sherriff

Glen Weaver

Gus Sandusky

Gary Moyer

Eric Carstensen

Cathy Carstensen

Peter Draycott

Murray Smith

Peter Harris

Fred Hill

D. Bryan Williams

John Taglione

Andy Moore
The Cars

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