OJOA 2009 Draycott Slalom

Sunday July 5th,2009

by Ross Hamilton

The Official Results are in...no protests please unless I messed up again.

The drivers score is calculated to even the field no matter what car is being driven. We take the JCNA best time in class to date (had to use last year's times because the 2009 times on the web site haven't been posted) and divide it by the our driver's time... that becomes your score.

Walter Smith posted his fastest time in four years in his XKE... 53.43seconds.

ManShun Poon a guest from Vancouver was first in F Class almost beating the current JCNA time.

Aaron was close to the JCNA time in F Class too and received theCat's Cradle Trophy for the Most Serious and Enthusiastic Driver by saving his surprise four wheels sideways slide.

Mike and Nello's support and contribution as technical inspectors was part of the success of the day. Their times are improving each year.

Don in his modified XJSC and TJ Fraser in a XJS challenged each other again for family bragging rights. Young TJ has Don who set fastest Jagaur time for the day is lookin' over his shoulder.

Peter Pontsa improves again with a very respectable best time ever 47.54 in his XK8.

Steve Sherriff consistently improved his time on each run managing a 46.15 keeping his "Smokin' Steve" reputation.

OJOA Andy and Steve Moore serious vintage racers joined in their street machines. They certainly showed the crowd how to "push it to the limit" in sea of pylons.

Steve Moore in his heavy Nissan Altima was a hair off in third behind a highly modified Jetta. Chad and Tony in Chad's VW had their own rivary. I'd call this close... Chad... 45.54 Tony... 45.61 and Steve... 45.84.

The family of Michael and Jon Woodman lookin' for braggin' rights. The highly experienced Michael challenges Jon in a Jaguar X Type wagon. Come on...X Type?...what next? Young Jon had Michael scared posting a second place of 48.16 against Michael's 47.85.

Another hot competitve group was in Z Class in the under 45 second category. Three very different cars scorched their paws. Rob in his Miata clocked 43.07, Michael in his Lotus did 43.17 and Ian in his Volvo posted 43.35. Again, you can't get much closer.

Photo Credits: Courtesy Dr. Murray Smith

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