2012 OJOA Annual Fall Regularity Run

Sunday October 21,2012

The annual OJOA Regularity Run was held on Sunday October 21 in the Stouffville area. We had what turned out to be the best Sunday in the whole month of October. The trees were in their full glory with reds and yellows colours out in full. We had a great turn out with 26 Club members in 11 cars out for a great drive through the rolling countryside.

The members began to congregate around the entrance of the Lion of Stouffville at about 10:30 am. As we went to begin the registration, the coffee and Tim Horton's doughnuts were ready.

Bob Barrett , our registrar,signed the members in andcompleted the necessary paper work making sure allwas in order.

We had two guests with us this year , Court and Pat Bournon. Allan Lingelbach introduced them to the Club, as they just happen to have the same model XKR except in black. They have since become new members; having come second in the Run may not have hurt.

As per usual, the drivers' meeting was in the parking lot and it was like herding cats getting every one together. Once the instructions / advice was dispensed, every one made their way to their cars. By about 11:30, the cars were on their way for a couple of hours of driving through the countryside.

The route was varied with it skirting the inevitable urban sprawl, which is getting harder to avoid each year. But there still great sections of rolling hills and tree-lined roads.

When you find one of these great sections of roads, there is the temptation to reuse it. Those who were on the Run a couple of years ago will recognize Concession Road 2.

After a couple of hours, the first car came back, meaning the route instructions were okay as there were no complaints. Sometimes a typo does slip in, making the run much more challenging... But the most important driver instruction is that the end point of the run is where you started from, just to make sure one could get lost. All the cars did manage to make it back in reasonable time, there weren't as many time faults this year as in previous years.

Once the cars were clocked in , the question sheets were handed in to Bob. While the results were being tabulated and the winners determined, lunch was served at the Lion.

The questions were selected to add a sense of challenge to the event. Our first place winners managed to achieved a perfect score of zero time and question faults. This does not happened very often and may have to be remedied next year.

This year's winners are

First Place
First Place
John deMercado & Lois Fowler
( Jaguar S Type )

Second Place
Court & Pat Bournon
( Jaguar XKR )

Third Place
John & Lori Scopis
( Jaguar E Type )

We would like to thank Bob Barrett for his help in the organizing and running of this year’s Regularity Run , the Lion Of Stouffville and the Club members who came out to be a part of this year’s event.
We hope to see you at next year ‘s Regularity Run.

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