OJOA 2015 Year End Dinner

Was held on Saturday November 28th, 2015

At the Old Mill Restaurant - BALMORAL ROOM

Photos from The OJOA 2015 Year End Dinner
by members Mark Saskoley and Tommy Cross


Our club's Year End Dinner and Awards Ceremony was held this year in Bloor village at the Old Mill Restaurant.
OJOA Secretary, Bonnie Grady, arranged a dinner in a setting that was upscale and historic to the club.
The event was exceedingly well attended with twice as many tickets sold (71) when compared with last years similar event.

Celebrating the year 2015, the awards ceremony conferred on recipients, both fun and serious awards.

Our Ambassador at large, John Ogden, in consultation with Jaguar Canada arranged for an example of the new "baby Jag" to be put on "open" display for us.
The Old Mill was able to arrange for the new JAGUAR XE to fit in the lobby of the Balmoral Room (two stories up, I might add).
It was great for our members to be able to fully enjoy this new beautiful sedan.

There was a full bar, a large buffet style dinner and deserts.
Some of the dinner selection consisted of several main course variations, cheeses, fruit salads and many deserts. All delicious and repeatable!

There was also a Christmas gift exchange.


Event Pictures

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Photos By Mark Saskoley and Tommy Cross

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