was held at Wellesley, Ont.

on Saturday August 29th, 2015.

by members Mark Saskoley, Tommy Cross, Ted Cymbaly and Rodrigo Crovati


This club event was hosted by Allan and Carol Lingelbach at their residence and large, beautiful landscaped grounds.

This event was also supported by Jaguar Waterloo with OJOA member Rob Lee representing this Jaguar dealership.
The dealership provided 12 raffle prizes, the display Jaguar XJL and some funds towards the BBQ.
The local British club, also in attendance, fielded some stunning and unique cars
Many members and guests enjoyed the ambiance - 40 cars and 80 people!
There was enough food to fill a 16-foot table set-up with Pot-Luck goodies.
This event was a car show, a social event, an automotive polo happening and a horse training demonstration.
This last bit being a show of tricks learned by Carol's trusty steed, Bonnie.

Our hosts wish to specially thank contributors below:

Steve Sherriff for earlier surveying, conducting a test run for the car polo game, greeting at the entrance
and MC'ing the event with accustomed upbeat and humorous whit.
Roy Stevenson who came early to help with set-up. And many culinary thanks to his grand-daughters for that amazing cake.
Barb and Harvey who sweetened our event with their honey table.
Julien Brosseau for trailering his 1950 Mark V from Burlington.
Duane and Bonnie for dragging themselves all the way back from the east coast and, with not much of a break,
setting out again for Wellesley. Bonnie for helping to distribute the raffle tickets.
Mark Smith for supplying the amplifier, the music, and some new club buttons.
Rodrigo and Ted for sharing their fantastic pictures.
Chris, Bruno and Annie for their refereeing of the car polo game.
Long-time friends Bud and Kim Hohol who did a fantastic job of running the BBQ.
Aforementioned OJOA member Rob Lee for representing the Waterloo Jaguar dealership.
Don Lingelbach for hours of help setting up the day before. He also assisted by bringing extra chairs, coolers, and the canopy.

The OJOA executive, Allan and Carol would certainly wish to know if you'd like a repeat performance to this event in 2016.


Event Pictures

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Photos By Mark Saskoley, Tommy Cross, Ted Cymbaly and Rodrigo Crovati

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