Wine And Cheese Jaunt

Was held on October 3rd, 2015

Photos from Wine And Cheese Jaunt
by member Pete Moffett


In the Golden Horseshoe Area, the OJOA held its first event called the "Jagfest: Wine and Cheese Jaunt".
The event started by meeting with other Jag enthusiasts at, where else, but a Tim Hortons on Glendale Ave. at the QEW in St Catharines.
There were 7 Jags and 13 participants and much appreciated, some from outside the local area. We left Timmies at 9:45am and headed for some
interesting roads in the area known well to the locals but not so much by those outside the Peninsula. After having some fun driving on
these roads we arrived at the first winery of the day, "Tawse". We were given, amongst the rows of vines, a short lesson about vineyards.
By that time, all were anxious to get inside as it was a windy and cool day but not raining at that point. In the winery we were given
an exclusive tour of their wine making facilities and a tasting in the cellars amongst the many rows of barrels. We were also given a
fascinating talk about wines, wine making and how to correctly taste wine. Many people took advantage of the opportunity to purchase
some of the excellent wines we had tasted. Lunch was next at a favourite pub in Beamsville, the "Butcher and Banker." Good conversation
flowed and we were regaled with stories about the car hobby and our favourite Jags, punctuated by a delicious lunch, well served.

Back on the road again it had started to rain gently. We headed for our second winery of the day, "Vineland Estates". There was
no tour here but rather another very educational presentation on wines and how to taste them and of course more wine to taste.
In a room upstairs were a variety of cheeses and condiments for sale. The gift and wine shop was beckoning and some of the participants
took advantage. It was raining a bit harder now but still not objectionable as we headed to our last visit of the day, the "Upper Canada
Cheese Company." Here cheese is made right on the premises and available for purchase. We tasted several cheeses and learned that all
their cheeses are made from milk that comes from a local farm with a Guernsey cow herd. The cheeses were delicious and here the tasting
was free. Many decided to purchase some of the cheeses they had tasted.

Just up the street from the cheese shop was a store called the Red Barn that featured fresh local fruit and at least one of the couples
stopped to take a look. Home was next and ended a very successful first event for the Golden Horseshoe Area. We are already looking
forward to the Spring and a possible tour in the area at blossom time.


Event Pictures

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Photos By Pete Moffett

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