Jaguar's Art of Performance Tour

During the week of October 2, several OJOA members were invited to attend Jaguar's Art of Performance Tour at Toronto's Woodbine Racetrack

Once the tour began it was so much more than a simple tour. We got to experience whipping around the track in a F-Type SVR with professional drivers at the wheel. These 575 HP beauties have plenty of power under the hood.

We also got a chance to sit behind the wheel of the F Pace and take it through an agility course. I did very well, no pylons were harmed! Something that couldn't be said for my course companions.

The drivablity of the SE sport sedan was also tested by way of a "smart cone" course which measured speed and accuracy.

Jaguar's sister company Land Rover put on an equally stunning show with their Discovery. Once again we invited to climb on board, while expert drivers took us through an off-road obstacle course wheeling over ramps and up a 27 degree incline which showcased the SUV's ability to perfectly balance on tires from opposite corners. I won't be trying that at home but it's good to know that I can if I want to!

Photos & Article by
Tracy Kailan

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