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The Ontario Jaguar Owners’ Association does not offer the reader any assurance as to the quality, or value
for money, of the products or services offered by the advertisers. This is because opionions may differ and circumstances
may change, making it difficult for the OJOA to properly evaluate an advertiser at any point in time. It is always best
to speak to a person with direct, recent experience in dealing with the advertiser. OJOA meetings and events are excellent
sources of such information. Advertisements are best regarded as guides to the availability of products and services.

Jaguar Cars

To find a dealer, service centre, learn about the latest Jaguars –

Our Advertisers

Service, inspections, appraisals, etc.

Interior trim specialists, Aurora, ON

Restoration & Service Specialists, Newmarket, ON

Classic cars insurance.

Sales and service, Waterloo, ON

Robert Laughton Leatherique – Leatherique/vinyl/restoration + repair

Classic and Vintage Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Fuel Additives.

Parts, Merchandise, Accessories.  Manchester, New Hampshire and Shropshire, England.

Antique Automobile Appraisals.

Jaguar Parts and Service.  Steubenville, Ohio.

Huge Inventory of Jaguar Parts, Accessories, etc…….

Vintage Car Coverage

Canada’s Garage !!!!

Our Sponsors

Jaguar dealer and sponsor of OJOA’s website and The Jaguar Thornhill Cup

Click here for Jaguar Thornhill Cup

Jaguar & Land Rover, Oakville, ON

Jaguar dealer and sponsor of OJOA’s Best in Driven Class Trophy for our Concours d’Elegance,

one of the largest Jaguar shows in North America.

Click here for Budds’ Trophy

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